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Titanium has been traditionally used as a lightweight, extremely strong and exceedingly corrosion-resistant material in aircraft, electric power plants, seawater desalination plants, and heat exchanges. More recently, it has found increasing applications in consumer products, sporting goods and information technology (IT) equipment by making use of its aesthetic surface appearance and luxurious feel.

Thousands of titanium alloys have been developed and these can be grouped into four main categories. Their properties depend on their basic chemical structure and the way they are manipulated during manufacture. Some elements used for making alloys include aluminum, molybdenum, cobalt, zirconium, tin and vanadium. Alpha phase alloys have the lowest strength but are form able and weldable. Alpha plus beta alloys have high strength. Near alpha alloys have medium strength but have good creep resistance. Beta phase alloys have the highest strength of any titanium alloys but they also lack ductility.

There is a difference between countries on titanium applications. While aerospace accounts for half of the titanium demand in the US, Europe and Russia, industrial applications, particularly in chemical plants, dominate in Asia. These differentiated markets will continue to be the main demand drivers behind a growth of 4.6%py (in the past year) through to 2018.

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